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Hi, I'm
Maxwell and I'm 17 and living in the fakest part of New Jersey.



Tumblr has one of the worst communities now a days. Back in 2012 it was never this hostile and mean and cruel.

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Anonymous: do you ever play runescape? i feel like you'd like it!!

My brother plays that a lot now. I was playing Wildstar but it got boring after a while. I cannot find a game that can keep my interest for more than a week, it’s making me sad ):

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Good morning 馃尯馃尀
A goodnight selfie 馃槾


if you tickle me it鈥檚 either going to lead to kissing or an extreme act of violence

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blackbo-x: i wish you lived in califonia

I’m moving out there next year for college!

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Anonymous: I miss seeing your posts on my dash

Aw I know I don’t come on anymore I’m so sorry ):

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  • him: *replies back 10mins later*
  • me: *replies back 20mins later cuz he wanna play games wit me*

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send this to your crush
Much needed shave and haircut 鈽猴笍
Oil landscape // #oilpainting #landscape // sorry for posting a lot my art recently, I’ve never shared it and wanted to post a few things I’ve done