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Hi, I'm
Maxwell and I'm 17 and living in New Jersey.

my art




we went upstate and my dog was being a butt and trying to swipe at fish in the lake and she fell in and when we dried her off she was still shivering so i put a sweater on her 
"I wanna do bad things to you, but good things for you."

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2nd instagram post of 9/17/2014, slaughter me

So i created a page, for those who have asked, of all my artwork that i’ve posted online, enjoy :)

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"Delicate Beauty" / 8" x 11" / #drawing #sketch #beauty #delicate #pencil
Anonymous: When did you begin drawing/doing art

Last year

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Anonymous: Your art style is so weird

I think it’s beautiful /:

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Anonymous: How did you get so talented with your art work? I consider myself a good drawer myself, but after seeing your work, mine looks mediocre compare to yours. I'm so impressed! :)

Practice and advice. I sit down and draw for multiple hours a day. My painting teacher in school has helped me tremendously with providing advice for my art work and how to make it better over time.

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Straight White Boy Problem #385


*in class* why do we need to know this
*in drivers ed* why do we need to know this
*reading prices at stores* why do we need to need to know this
*kim kardashian article on yahoo home page* why do we need to know this
*looking at electoral ballot* why do we need to know this
*reads protein powder nutritional information* its imperative to know how many scoops of powder I must obtain for maximum output of body mass in as little time as possible

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